My name is Emily, but most people call me Em.

I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister and a friend.

I love Jesus and am constantly learning about how much I need Him.

And coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

This is the storehouse of my little corner of the world.


You'll see the faces of beautiful Brides and Grooms and the stories that made them who they are and what got them down the aisle.

You will hear about my adventures in Motherhood and the beautiful mess that is marriage.

I tend to think of the world through a constant mixed tape of music, so there will be a little bit of that because who doesn't need a soundtrack in their day?

I'm not super fashionable, I'm not cool in any way and I do not promise to come bearing the keys to have an awesome and perfectly pinterest-able life.

What I do promise is that I will always be honest and real.

I promise that if we work together, I will intentionally come beside you and help keep your eye on the prize in marriage, and to care for the details that happen in between.

I promise that I have worked hard these last 10 years building up a trustworthy knowledge of vendors, procedures, logistics, ideas and honing my creative spirit in order to cultivate beautiful and meaningful engagement and wedding experiences.

I promise things will not always be perfect, but I do promise things will be done with excellence.

I promise that I love my job and feel compelled to pursue it.

I promise that I love my family and that they keep me on my toes and in need of constant caffeine.

I promise that I'm not perfect, but we are loved by a perfect God who loves weddings. He reveals Himself so often even in the tiniest details and He still turns water into wine.

I promise that this is not my wedding, this is yours, and I promise to try and help you not get lost in it along the way. 

Let's simplify it, let's find you in it, let's make it simply yours.