-Simply Consulting-

Simply Consulting covers a number of things I like to call "coffee talk."

-So You Think You Can Plan-

When I was just getting started in this industry, I was fresh out of college with little to no business experience, but a lot of wedding related experience. I was curious, but I was unsure. I was in desperate need of guidance and more behind the scenes training. I was fortunate enough to have opportunities given to me by local planners for the hands on experience, which is the best way to learn, but before that, I had a wonderfully wise woman sit me down and shoot it to me straight.

This is what I want to offer you.

If you are interested in becoming a wedding planner, or you have been planning friends' parties/showers/weddings for a while now and think you are ready to take it to the next level, let's talk about what the "next level" actually looks like and how it will affect your life. Not only that, but let's look at what it would take to incorporate a business into your all ready existing life and if this business is truly the right fit for you.

In our one on one, three hour session, we will talk about your dreams, I will answer your questions and we will try to put pen to paper on how you can begin moving forward and how you can prayerfully consider your next right step for your life and your calling

-Pressing In or Burning Out-

For those of you who all ready have an established creative business, I have a few questions for you: Do you even know who you are anymore? As a person or as a business owner? Are you pressing in to the places you've grown in to or just pushing yourself into burn out?

I would love to give you an opportunity in a one on one environment, or as a small group, to stop, take some time to regroup, re-examine and figure out what we need to do take better care of ourselves, our businesses and ultimately our Brides.


-Ready for the Coffee Talk?-

For more information about any kind of Simply Consulting service, aka "Coffee Talk", please use our contact page!