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    Over the past few years, so many women that I know have tried to work through the details of planning a wedding while trying to live a normal life, and lay a solid foundation for a marriage all at the same time! While many of them have done it with style and grace, all of them (including myself) missed out on something during the whole wedding process because we were so exhausted!

    This is how I developed a huge heart for Brides. Whether you need someone to help you through the details from start to finish or just to make things happen smoothly on the Big Day, I would love to bless you with the gift of time to live your life and enjoy your engagement, and the gift of freedom for you and your family to enjoy your Big Day!

Fall + Football = The Perfect Match ~ Lisa & Bobby ~

Earlier this week, I revealed to you my deep love for all things Fall. Today I introduce you to a special guest blogger today who shares my love of a lot of things, but particularly great weddings. Especially great Fall weddings! Y’all know how behind on blogging weddings I am, and to be honest, when I look at some of these images that I love, I have hard time of thinking of how to share them with you because I love everything in them! So this time, I showed images to the fabulous Blair, one of our Brides from 2011 (the one who had her wedding featured on Wedding Chicks AND Southern Living Weddings Magazine!) who is also a dear friend and part of our wedding team from time to time! She then was willing to offer a fresh perspective on some of the fun details that stood out to her as a newlywed and wedding lover.

You know what I love most about fall? That feeling of change in the air, of new beginnings, of a fresh start on a new year. While it’s not technically a “new year,” it sure does feel that way, doesn’t it? The trees, in spectacular fashion, are shedding the old to make way for the new. The air is more crisp, the vibe more cozy and romantic. What better time of the year to get married and start a new life together!

 Of course, in the South especially, fall wouldn’t be fall without football. And this wedding brought together what some might call a “house divided,” with one hard-core Alabama fan (Bobby) and one die-hard Tennessee Volunteer (Lisa)! Anyone have some marriage advice for the days their teams play each other?;-)

Lisa and Bobby held both their ceremony and reception at Brentwood Baptist Church. They filled their special day with classic fall décor and sweet personal details. The natural touches like branches and pumpkins, along with warm traditional colors throughout the décor (browns, golden yellows, crimson reds with natural greens) made this a classically beautiful fall celebration.

To make it extra-personal and show off that mutual passion for football, they surprised their guests with a pretty unbelievable Alabama Crimson Tide grooms cake! At the end of the day they required their guests to “pick-a-side” by choosing a Tennessee or Alabama shaker, and they were sent off to their honeymoon through a sea of bright orange and crimson!  Don’t you just love when couples bring personal details into their wedding that really share who they are? I know I do!

Enjoy the beautiful images from Justin Wright Photography and prepare to be inspired for your own fall wedding!

A few vendor details!

-Flowers by the always fantastic Brocade Designs
-Photography, the fabulous Justin Wright Photography
-Venue (for ceremony and reception): Brentwood Baptist Church
-Bride’s Cake – The Bake Shoppe (The Groom’s cake was made especially for the Groom in his hometown in Alabama and then driven up here. Now that’s commitment to your roots!.)

Happy Planning, y’all!


PS- The pic is black and white with the shakers, but let me tell you… that is A LOT of crimson and white and not so much orange and white. Bless your heart, UT. One of these days, the glory days will return to thee.

Bob Robertson - November 20, 2013 - 7:18 pm

Thanks for sharing these great photos! Brought back a lot of wonderful memories of a fun day for our families! Everything was beautiful and went off without a hitch!

Rachel - March 21, 2014 - 5:59 am

Beautiful wedding. I especially love the flowers. Seems like a traditional wedding. Where is the officiant?

It’s Fall, y’all!

Oh Fall… you are so beautiful and special to me. Your sights, your smells, your flaming colors, your pink and purple sunsets, your coffee and cider… ah. So good. Growing up in East Tennessee, I didn’t like Fall. Not because it wasn’t absolutely gorgeous and not because I didn’t love me some football, BUT my allergies were SO out of control in the Fall, I could never enjoy it! It was like I wanted to constantly curl up in a box of tissues and not come out until it started snowing. However, now that I’ve lived in Middle Tennessee for ten years, I definitely get sick at some point, but not nearly as bad. I can actually drive with my windows down, or sit wrapped up in a blanket on my front porch and watch the sun go down at 4:15pm…. (the ONE down side to living in Central Time.)

All that is to say: I love Fall. And because of that, I LOVE Fall weddings! Which is a good thing because it is hands down the busiest part of wedding season every year. To celebrate our love for Fall weddings, I have compiled my top 10 favorite images from Fall weddings. A combination of some of my favorite things: pictures of our precious couples, Fall and a list. Oh happy day:)

10) Lindsey & Chad- Loveless Barn- Wootton Photography

9) Jamie & John- Scarritt Bennett- Philip Slowiak Photography

8) Lisa & Bobby- Brentwood Baptist Church- (However, this photo was taken off-site near Steeplechase!)- Justin Wright Photography

7) Dannie & Johnathon- Carnton Plantation- Justin Wright Photography

6 and 5) Meagan & Alex- The Messick Farm- Jennette Leigh Photography

*The remaining 4 are from my favorite Fall wedding ever… Rachel & Eric- Traveller’s Rest- Matt Andrews Photography

Thank you for enjoying the beauty of Fall with me today! I hope that the weather is behaving itself so that you can go outside and enjoy the fun while it lasts! If you just can’t get enough and need a little more, check out our feature of Meagan and Alex’s wedding on Ashley’s Bride Guide!

Happy Planning,Em

PS- I just want to give a shout out to the magnificent Hillary Yeager of Brocade Designs. She is the florist who did all the flowers in the images from Rachel and Eric’s wedding as well as Jamie and John’s!

Top 10- A wedding related post- YAY!

You wouldn’t think photos matter so much to a blog…. until you can’t post any!

HUGE shout out to my sweet and always so supportive (and ever so talented) friend Kristen Steele for fixing the photo-posting-problem!

Here are my top 10 favorite wedding related photos from the last year. These are not necessarily in a specific order… just further proof we have been doing weddings!!

10) Paige and Jordan at the Messick Farm- Kristin Vanzant Photography- This moment is when the Father of the Bride saw his daughter in her wedding dress for the very first time. I cannot urge you enough to consider having a “First Look” with the men in your life BEFORE you start taking pictures. If you are blessed with a sweet relationship with a father and/or brother, it is an incredible moment to share with the man (or men) who have been first in your life for so long. And it gives you time to get the mascara fixed before you move on to the other fantastic photo moments;)


9) Meagan and Alex at the Messick Farm- Jennette Leigh Photography (Guess who did the flowers? This girl!!)


8) Michelle and Jeff at Carnton Plantation- Justin Wright Photography (Guess who also did those flowers? !!!);)


7) Lindsay and Jack at the Parthenon (all though their wedding was at Houston Station!)- Matt Andrews Photography

6) Paige and Jordan at the Messick Farm- Kristin Vanzant Photography


5) Liz and Hunter at Oaklands Historic Mansion- Courtney Davidson Photography

4) Ryan and Katie at Carnton Plantation- Courtney Davidson Photography 


3) Michelle and Jeff at Carnton Plantation- Justin Wright Photography‘s Photobooth- AWESOME Polaroid prop by Designs in Paper!

2) Sarah and Travis at Belle Meade Plantation- Steve Cross Photography

1).OK so I cheated..  this is actually one of the first photos taken of my daughter on her birthday, March 16th, 2013. BUT in all fairness, she was born on a wedding day, in the midst of a wedding reception. True story. The oh-so wonderful Bride and Groom hired me the day before I found out I was pregnant and even after I gave them the news, they wanted to stick with me as their planner. The amazing Becca George of Modern Vintage Events graciously stepped in to be the hands on planner that beautiful day in March. (The #5 photo is from that special day!) Further proof that my #1 planning philosophy is still true, now more so than ever: “Something will always not go as you planned, but you should still always have a back up plan.”;)

Listen, my life is a constant mixture of wedding world and figuring out how to be a family of 3 these days… figured it might as well bleed over into my blog as well;)

If you’re interested… check out Day 3 of Blogtember on my Tumblr!

Happy planning, y’all!


Courtney Davidson - September 24, 2013 - 8:53 pm

Great post Emily! So honored to be a part of it! :)

We interrupt this broadcast…

So… apparently my blog does not want to upload pictures… so sadly my resolution to upload wedding photos cannot come into fruition today.

However, if you’re interested in following my Blogtember journey, please go check out my Tumblr page!

We’ll return to our regularly schedule programming ASAP;)


Life, Weddings and the Elusive Blogging Bug

Dear poor neglected blog…

It may look like we haven’t been doing weddings. But its just not so.

It may look like I don’t have anything to say. But its just not so.

Truth be told, I’ve been overwhelmed about where to start and scared to just start anywhere.

You have to understand.. words are important where I come from. You have to have something to say and mean it. The funny thing to say when the mood needs lightening, the profound words in a moment of crisis, the comforting words when the silence is so thick you can’t breathe: these are a part of the movement in what I understand about life. So, of course, writing them is even more important to me. I can’t just throw things out there. Or.. that’s what I’ve been telling myself.

Over the summer, in the midst of the busy-ness of wedding season, I have heard so many things running through my head that I’ve wanted to express, to process out loud in the world of words, and I have heard a whisper coming from somewhere deep inside saying “come and write.” Typically my response has been, “but WHEN?! I’m a new mother, a wife, a wedding planner and just a regular girl from time to time. WHEN am I supposed to have the focused energy to get all these words out? ESPECIALLY when I am so behind on blogging actual weddings its beyond embarrassing?”

Well. All of those things are still true. And I still don’t know that I have an answer. But I do feel like I have a calling that I am stuffing under the couch cushions like lost change and in that, I am missing out on a lot of life. Life that shows the incredible work my team has been doing in the wedding world. Work, that I’m proud of and want to share with you. But also, just thoughts and stories and coffee talk-ish stuff that I want to write about and live in.

So. If you haven’t heard about this thing called “Blogtember,” you can check it out here. But I’m using it as a challenge to catch up with this elusive blogging bug. I won’t beat myself up if I get behind, but I will push myself to try and move forward. I know this blog is mostly for weddings and wedding related goodness so I will be posting it to my tumblr page (with the obvious exception of today!) Here’s the link! BUT I will be trying to post on this blog my progress with it as well as updated wedding photos. They may not all be big full wedding recaps that I want them to be, but for Heaven’s sake, its time to have some wedding- goodness back on this blog!

Writing isn’t about perfection, its the plunge into wanting to share life more deeply. Must remember that. =)

So here I go… Blogtember.



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